Monday, May 15, 2017

Thanks for a great semester: Thoughts on 2.008

Overall I thought this class was pretty enjoyable and interesting.  However more office hours for pset and understanding deliverables would be nice, the office hours this semester all conflicted with my schedule. I also think it would have been cool to get experience with other manufacturing tools beside the lath, mill, injection mold and thermometer machine. Like possibly doing some welding, 3D printing or composite laying.

I enjoyed the yoyo project and the class overall. However, I think the psets were a bit too long given all of the deliverables that were due for the yoyo project. I also agree that office hours should be held during different hours (maybe after 5pm). This would probably be beneficial to a lot more students. I thought the notes for the class were sometimes difficult to follow because they did not always explain enough. For example, sometimes equations were given and the variables in these equations were not labeled. I enjoyed experiencing injection molding and therrmoforming, but I would’ve also liked to experience other processes if possible like different types of welding. Lastly, I enjoyed attending the factory tour and found it very useful to see some of the material we had learned in class implemented in a real world setting.

Thank you for an incredible semester!

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